Glass Chair Mat

Robinson Glass chair mats are the elegant and permanent office solution unlike any other. Glass chair mats do not dimple, crack or turn yellow like plastic chair mats can. Your chair glides smoothly from one workstation to another while protecting the floor beneath. The wheels of your desk chair will not get “stuck” in place because glass chair mats do not get divots in the spot where your desk chair sets. Glass chair mats allow you to enjoy the beauty of the flooring beneath while protecting it from damage. Robinson Glass chair mats are normally made from ¼” clear tempered glass, other colors and thickness are available.

Tempered glass is four to five times stronger than non-tempered glass and extremely durable. Watch the short video below to see what happens when a metal stapler hits the glass. Robinson Glass chair mats come with PRO15 coating on the top surface. PRO15 reduces scratches on the glass by 92%. Cleaning the glass and refreshing the coating is a breeze with REPEL cleaner. Elegant and transparent glass chair mats are compatible with all floor types. From the minute you place a Robinson Glass chair mat on your office floor, you may wonder why you waited so long to get one.

Glass chair mats are truly an elegant and durable way to protect the office floor of any home or office. We offer various sizes of chair mats, from small too large to fit any office or we can cut a custom floor mat to fit any room. Use the contact form to get more information or you can always give us a call.

Did we mention that you can customize your glass mat? We can also add your company logo to any Robinson Glass chair mat

Watch the videos below to see the durability and easy movement that a Robinson Glass Mat can add to your office.