Dear Willis:
We wish to express our appreciation for the fine job Robinson performed in replacing many of our double paned windows. We especially wanted to comment on the workmanship of your installer. As anyone knows who has workers inside and outside the home over a length of time, it is reassuring to have someone who works diligently, quietly, and efficiently. He is one of those people who does his job without disturbing anyone, taking only a few minutes for lunch on the job, and working right through until the project for the day was finished. He also cleaned up any mess afterward.
Just wanted you to know that we appreciated having someone like Robinson Glass and your installer do this work, and we thank you and him for a job well done.
Yours very truly,
Gene and Carole…

Dear Robinsons,
Such a fine outfit you are! From our first phone call, to the installation of our mirror, we were treated with nothing but the highest courtesy. It wasn’t unexpected– we experienced the same thing a couple of years ago when you installed our shower stall. At that time, we had just moved “home” from Tucson, Arizona, a place we loved, but where, when one needed service, a change in decor, a new piece of furniture or a roof repaired, we always counted on at least two weeks for any form of action.
During our remodeling in Tulsa, you were undoubtedly the most dependable and efficient company out of the numerous we hired. This is just a fan letter, to let you know how much you are appreciated. You can count on our singing your praises to everyone we know!
Yours truly,
Pat and Bill…

Dear Mr. Robinson,
I wish to commend your staff for their courteous and efficient service. Last week, I brought in a car to have two windows repaired. At all times I was impressed with the manner and method of your employees. The receptionist was friendly, the work was done quickly and thoroughly. I was particularly impressed with one of your auto glass technicians, who took some initiative to correct a problem caused when a parts house provided the wrong part – threatening to delay the completion of repairs.
Working with a trusted counterpart at the parts counter of another dealership, he secured the correct part, had it installed, and the car repaired on time, as promised.
As a consultant to businesses who desire to have effective and productive employees and quality service, I thought you would like to know how this customer rates the caliber and merit of your employees. Congratulations on such fine employees. My best to you in your business. When I need glass work in the future, you can be assured that I shall return to Robinson Glass.
R. Hickman

Dear Mr. Robinson:
I appreciate the expert service received from your serviceman who repaired a small crack in the windshield of my car. You were referred by (omitted).
I work at (omitted) and realize the value of good service…
R.D. Freeman

Dear Robinson Glass Company,
This summer my husband and I purchased an older home in south Tulsa. The house
needed major renovation work including new tile and fixtures throughout it. The glass for
the walk-in shower in the master bath as well as the glass tub enclosure in the main bath
were designed and installed by your company.
Please understand that these doors were mere ideas in my mind and a blend of pictures
from decorating magazines. Your talented and responsive staff madw it work! At one
point there had to be modifications made to the tub enclosure, (a design change of mind,
by me!). These were done promptly, cost effectively and with a very positive attitude.
Many friends, neighbors, and family members have seen the significant improvements to
our home. The glass doors are features in our new baths. I have not hesitated to tell them
how impressed I am with Robinson Glass. In my opinion, there is just nowhere else to go
for glass work.
Deborah S…
Tulsa, OK

Office of The President;
While returning from a trip to Branson, Missouri on June 23 a rock that was
thrown from a tire on the car in front of us hit our windshield causing a small hole
near the rear view mirror. On June 30, after a discussion with our insurance
company, I brought our van to your company for the damage to be repaired or the
windshield replaced. In the interest of saving State Farm Insurance Company a little
money I opted to just repair the damage. The repair job looked very good and the
gentlemen that did the work and myself both thought we had made the correct
decision. This was not to be the case.
Two weeks later on Friday, July l4, and just 36 hours before my wife and I were
scheduled to leave on Sunday morning for a long, well planned trip, a long crack
developed in the damaged area. I immediately took the van back to your company and
was told that they could schedule the replacement of the windshield for Monday. Well, I
guess the young lady that was working the front desk could see the panic in my face
and said, “Is that going to be a problem?” I said yes, and explained the situation. She
gave me a smile and said, “leave the car with us and we will work it in for you and get it
back to you sometime Saturday.”
I cannot tell you how relieved I was when the young lady telephoned at 10:20 AM
Saturday and said that our car was ready. l am sorry that I do not know the young
lady’s name, but she was courteous, efficient, knowledgeable and understanding of her
customer’s problems. Because of her and the good quality and timely installation of the
windshield, my wife wad I have just joined a large and I am sure, growing number of
people that consider themselves, Robinson Glass Company “Customers For Life “.
Please give our thanks to all of the people who were involved in providing the very
good service that we received.
Best regards;
Jerry A. S.

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