Robinson Glass can custom cut glass to fit tabletops and any piece of furniture; coffee tables, patio tables, dinner tables, end tables, desks, chair mats — anything! Flat polish, pencil polish, beveling from 1/2″ to 1 1/2″ are just some of the edges that can make your table top sparkle. If you desire a special edge treatment for your glass top, the experts at Robinson Glass will be happy to help. Those who have (or had) a patio table with textured glass need to look no further for help. Robinson Glass can order a replacement piece with a similar, if not the exact same texture. If you need a new patio table, please bring the umbrella ring with you. Robinson Glass can even construct an all glass dinner table, coffee table, or display table. Robinson Glass can also construct display cases! What they say is true! If you can see through it, Robinson Glass can do it!