Dow Essex

Robinson Glass uses only OEM Approved Dow Essex Adhesives to replace your autoglass. BETASEAL™ glass bonding systems are used to install auto glass in 70 percent of all new vehicles worldwide. That’s over 27 million factory installations per year. So when you’re looking for adhesives to restore windshield structures to the original strength and specification, BETASEAL is the perfect choice. Robinson Glass uses the BETASEAL system.
Dow Automotive offers the same original equipment manufacturer (OEM) approved, tested and specified products for aftermarket replacements. And the use of OEM parts ensures restoration to original condition, compliance with globally mandated safety requirements and, according to a two-year automobile owner survey conducted by the Chubb Group, is preferred by 82 percent of vehicle owners.
Take a look at essexarg.com for more information about BETASEAL glass bonding systems for the North American aftermarket industry.