Sideview Mirrors

sideview mirrorsIf one of those pesky orange barrels jumps out and breaks your sideview mirrors, Robinson Glass can replace it. As long as you have the mirror backing plate, our technicians can install a new side-view mirror which will keep you from having to order an entirely new mirror assembly from the manufacturer. Burco Redi-Cut side view mirrors come with a “lifetime warranty” from Burco.

Automotive mirrors are first-surface reflective glass. The purpose for using this type of mirror is to allow headlight glare from behind the vehicle to be absorbed through the mirror into the mirror housing. This allows the driver to see reflections from activity on the sides and behind the vehicle without being impaired by bright headlight reflections.
Since the 1970s, passenger side mirrors have been convex with the standard “Objects Are Closer…” statement sandblasted or laser etched at the base of the mirror. A convex mirror is used to increase the field of vision to the rear of the vehicle. Although some consumers find this distorted reflection difficult to use, it does increase consumer safety and helps achieve certain federal safety standards outlined in FMVSS 111.